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This page contains a list of World War 1 book titles with a Sheffield connection, Additions to this list are welcome, please use the contact form on the home Page

Books with a Sheffield Connection

George Henry Ashley - By Paul Clark.
The story of Pauls grandfather throughout WW1 and the rest of his life, packed full of photographs of George's army kit and letters and postcards home that he had sent to his family.

Grenoside Heroes 1914-1918. Edited by Margaret Batson.
ISBN 1 872934 31 5

Lest I Forget –My first experiences at the Front.
By Eric S. Roberts.

SHEFFIELD Armourer to the British Empire.
By Stewart Dalton. ISBN 1- 903425-13-1

The York and Lancaster Regimental Museum Guide and Short History.
ISBN 85101 240 X

The War Memorial of Hallam Methodist Church.
By Dan Eaton.

Sheffield Soldiers Killed in Action 1st July 1916.
Compiled by Ian C. Pearson.

Sheffield City Battalion 12th (Service) Battalion York & Lancaster Regiment.
By Ralph Gibson and Paul Oldfield. ISBN 1 84415 423 8

Stanley Spencer’s Great War Diary 1915 –  1918.
Edited by Tony Spencer. ISBN 978 1 84415778 5

Sheffield Hero – The life of Capt. Matt Sheppard.
By J.P. Craddock. ISBN 1 905278 14 4

The Poppy People of Bolsterstone, Deepcar and Stocksbridge, World War One, Vol. 1 & 2. - By Michael Parker.
A transcription and history of the men whose names appear on the Stocksbridge Clock Tower Roll of Honour.

The Sheffield City Battalion.
By R.A. Sparling. Published in 1920.

VALOUR - In memory of G.C.R. employees who gave their lives for their country 1914-1918 - By Ken Grainger
A transcription and history of those men that appear on the G.C.R. Railway Roll of Honour in Sheffield.

Victims of the Great War (1914-1918) Remembered in Burngreave Cemetery.
By Albert Jackson. ISBN

Books available from Sheffield Local Studies Library


The 1/4th (Hallamshire) York and Lancaster Regiment 1914-1919.
By Capt. D.P. Grant

It was a lovely summers day
By J. Roe & W. Campbell

Auntie Mabels War
Compiled by Marian Wenzel and John Cornish

Roll of Honour, The Fallen and Their Families
St. Andrews URC Sheffield
By Wendy Smyllie

Death, Reflection and Remembrance: Redan Ridge November 1916
The Story of Caryl Battersby, Commanding Officer of 'C' Coy 2nd KOYLI
By I. C. Pearson

Norton in War Time
By Norton History Group 1995



General WW1 Books

The History of World War 1, Naval Warfare 1914 - 1918 by Tim Bembow

ISBN 978-1-906626-05-1


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