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Welcome to Sheffield Soldier WW1

Upwards of 50,000 men went from Sheffield to the various ‘Fronts’ during the Great War.

A great adventure for thousands of them, as their lives revolved around work during the week and chapel on Sunday. Most never having left the city boundaries never mind 'journeying to' a foreign country.

Thousands were to be killed, many more thousands were maimed and scarred for life, and some dying years later from the effects of their injuries or from gas poisoning. They had been through the first ‘mechanised’ war, a war where techniques of killing on a mass industrial scale were employed.

The aim of our site is to attempt to record all of those men, and women, who served and died that went from Sheffield, but also to commemorate their memory and their sacrifices. A massive task but one which we think should be attempted.

We are particularly looking to record those men and women who served and survived the war as lists and sources of those are not easy to come by.

If Granddad or Great Granddad served and you want him included on our site then please use the Contact form and we will add his details to the site.


Help required, please help us locate Sheffield's lost and missing Rolls of Honour and Memorials, click this link for details

We now have over 31,000 entries in our online database.


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