Memorials & Rolls of Honour


Missing and Lost Memorials


A very satisfying part of this project is the photographing and transcription of the many rolls of honour and memorials to be found in Sheffield commemorating the men and women who served and died in the Great War.

We have transcribed over 200 such rolls/memorials. We are still on the look out for more 'lost' ones. These were the 'unofficial' way men and women were remembered for their service. Schools, Churchs, neighbourhoods and factories drew up their own lists of men and women whose names were to be transcribed onto the memorials. These ranged from rolls with a couple of thousand names on them to small personal plaques and stained windows in churchs.

Again, we think it very worth while to photograph and record these, as many places of worship are closing due to dwindling congregations  and amalgamations.

There are many stories to be found of such rolls and memorials being dumped in road side skips to end up as landfill !

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Sheffield War Memorial, Barkers Pool