Ecclesfield St Marys

In Memory of
(From Rolls)

Adams Alfred
Adams Harry
Adams Henry
Adams W
Adams Walter
Adcock Herbert
Alderson Thomas
Andrew William
Armitage Robert
Arran Fred
Athey Robert
Barlow Tom
Barnes John
Baxter Arnold
Baxter Joseph
Beard Wilfred
Beard Willie
Bears Wilfred
Beckett John Wm
Beckett W
Bedford CE
Bedford Wilfred
Bell Arthur
Bettney H John
Bettney Horace
Bettney John H
Bettney Leonard A
Briggs Basil
Briggs Jack
Briggs John
Brook Greaves
Brookes Walter
Brookes Willie
Brunt Edwin
Burgess GW
Burgess John F
Butler Charles H
Butler Richard H
Cade Dr HM
Chapman George
Chives James E
Clarke Fred
Clayton Atkin
Cook Clarence
Cooke Harry
Cooper Vincent
Copley Samson
Cox George
Cox Harry
Cox Henry
Cox Joseph L
Crookes Harry
Crossland Asen
Currier William H
Dawson Frank
Dawson Joe
Dawson William
Day Reggie
Day Willie
Dix Clement Pierce
Doughty Frank
Dunwell Fred
Ellis Isiah
Else Harry
Eyre George
Fawley Arthur 
Fisher CWilliam 
Fishers Frank 
Flathers Arthur 
Fluther Kenneth R
Foster Charles 
Foweather Frank 
Fox Albert 
Fox Fred 
Gandy Tom 
Gandy William 
Gilberthorpe Henry 
Gledhill Amos 
Glensby Norman D
Gliberthorpe Thomas 
Glover William 
Goddard Harry 
Goddard Harry 
Greaves Ernest 
Greaves Leonard 
Green Alonzo 
Green Alonzo 
Green Douglas 
Green Frank N
Green Frank N
Green JS
Green Stuart 
Greensmith John 
Gregory Eric 
Gregory GW
Gregory Harold 
Guest James 
Hall Alan 
Hall Allen 
Hall Frank 
Hall Fretwell 
Hall Leonard 
Harmer Served
Harness George 
Harrison James 
Hartley Horace 
Hattersley Clifford 
Hattersley William 
Hayes Donald G
Helliwell Luther 
Hemmingfield Tom 
Higgins George H
Higgins William J
Hill William 
Hill William H
Hinchliffe Joe 
Hind Albert 
Hobson A
Hobson B
Hobson JR
Hobson William 
Horsefields George C
Howell WH
Hoyland Percy D
Hulley FE
Jarvis Charles 
Jepson Albert 
Jepson Frank 
Jepson Fred 
Jepson Walter 
Johnson Harry 
Johnson Herbert 
Johnson Herbert 
Justice Cyril 
Kay George 
Kay Joe jnr
Kay Percy 
Kay Robert 
Kay Robert 
Lee Arthur 
Lee Frank 
Lee Herbert 
Lister Douglas 
Lister Oliver 
Lister  Clarence 
Littlewood William 
Mallinson E
Mallinson Leonard 
Malyon Horatio 
Malyon Larret 
Marsden Charlie 
Marsden GW
Marsden Reggie 
Marshall Percy 
Mettam John 
Morris Edwin 
Morris Robert J
Moulding William 
Myers Bertie 
Myers Ernest 
Myers Kenneth 
Nesbitt Frank 
Nesbitt Phillip Fr 
Nesbitt Ralph 
Nicklin Eli 
Nugent George 
Nugent Herbert 
Ollerenshaw H
Oxley John 
Oxley John 
Pagett Arthur J
Parker Ernest 
Pearce George W
Pepper AE
Pilkington R
Potts George 
Reed William 
Rees William 
Richardson William 
Richardson Willie 
Ridge Alfred 
Ridge Cyril 
Ridge James 
Ridge James 
Ridge William 
Robinson George 
Robinson William 
Robinson WT
Rogers Joseph 
Rollinson William 
Rose Herbert 
Sayles Samuel 
Sayles Samuel 
Senior Edgar 
Seth Arthur 
Shaw Alfred 
Shaw Fred 
Shaw Willis N
Shirtcliffe George R
Slack George 
Smith Colin F
Smith FC
Smith Frank 
Smith George M
Smith Gilbert K
Smith Harry S
Smith Leonard Kirke
Smith Percy 
Smith Percy R
Smith PG
Smith Reginald 
Smith Stephen 
Smith WM
Sorsby Samuel 
Stainsby Dr John A
Starr William 
Stave David 
Stave Fred 
Stinn Colin 
Stringer Alfred 
Stringer Bernard 
Stringer Carey 
Stringer Charles 
Stringer Frank 
Stringer Frank 
Stringer George 
Stringer H
Sutton Arnold 
Sykes H
Taylor Maurice 
Timms Albert 
Timms H
Tingle John 
Tingle William 
Travis Fred 
Travis Walter 
Travis William 
Trichett George 
Tully Alex 
Turner Chas H
Turton Albert 
Turton Arthur 
Turton Frank 
Turton WH
Waite Frank 
Walker Harold 
Walker Joseph William
Waller Colin 
Wass Cardew 
Wass George 
Wass Thomas W
Wastenage George 
Webster Frank 
Weldin Cyril 
Weldin Fred 
Weldin J
Weldon F
Weldon S
Weldon W
Wells Harry 
Whitham Alonzo 
Whitham Colin 
Whitham Edmund 
Whitham Leonard 
Widdison John C
Wilde Fred 
Wilmot Frank 
Wilson Joe 
Woolstone H
Worth Francis Henry
Worth Lewis 
Worth Sidney Boote
York George 



War Memorial Names
Adams H
Adams W
Beard W
Bettney H
Boote S
Brookes W
Burgess GW
Burnham C
Cooke C
Cox G
Cox H
Crookes J
Day R
Dix CP
Fox A
Gandy W
Gant PW
Greaves E
Green A
Green S
Gregory GW
Gregory H
Haigh L
Harrison AJ
Helliwell L
Higgins F
Hoyland P


Jarvis CH
Jepson F
Justice C
Kinsey N
Lee A
Loxley W
Malyon H
Marsden J
Morris RJ
Myers K
Oxley J
Reed W
Richardson W
Robinson L
Rose H
Sayles S
Stainsby JA
Staves F
Stringer C
Sutherland J
Waite F
Wastnege G
Whitham E
Wild F
Wilmot F
Worth FH
Worth L


Ecclesfield War Memorial at St Marys Church


Ecclesfield St Marys Roll of Honour and Memorial Plaques

Sheffield Evening Telegraph 13th March 1920


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