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St Stephens Memorial

Harry Foers personal memorial

Close up of inscription on the Cross


From Canon Odoms Memorials of Sheffield

The Church has three War Memorials.

On the south side of the nave is a beautiful white marble tablet erected by Charles Percy and Lily Styring in memory of their son, Frank Rusby Styring. In the memorial the donors generously associate with their son the names of twenty-three other members of S. Stephen’s congregation whose names are given, and also three of his school friends ‘who gave up their young lives freely and courageously in the Great War, 1914-1918, for the cause of righteousness, justice and freedom.’

In the Churchyard facing Fawcett street is a massive stone cross fifteen feet high with the inscription : ‘ To the glorious memory of those parishioners and members of St. Stephen’s who fell in the War 1914-1919. Their names are on the Roll of Honour in the church.’

In the Church porch is a large oak memorial on the panels of which are inscribed the names of 240 men who fell. The two last-named cost £222. The cleaning and repair of the memorials are secured by a small endowment.

In the Parish Room is a carved oak tablet erected by their fellow-members in grateful memory of seventeen members of the Young Men’s Society who laid down their lives in the Great War.’

Young Mens Society Roll

Ansell James W
Bennett Leonard S
Booth Harry
Chapman John J
Cleaver Frederick C
Cousans John
Crossland Lawrence
Foers Harry 
Foster Cyril 
Foster Harold 
Hammond Harry 
Kelsey Henry 
Shaw Albert 
Smith Walter G
Styring Frank R
Walker Harry 
Wheatley Horace S
Whitcut Harry M

Marble Plaque

Carr Robert
Clough Harry H
Fellows Henry 
Ibbotson Joseph 
Porter Charles W
Rippon Thomas 
Sayles Albert W
Seaton Fred 
Shearstone Stanley 
Taylor William H


We are not 100% certain that this plaque belongs at St Stephens, it may be St Annes Hoyle Street, but Odom alludes to 'A White Marble Plaque' at St Stephens but the numbers dont add up.

The images below are of a four page programme which was issued to attendees at the unveiling and dedication of the parish war memorial at St Stephen’s Church in Sheffield. The dedication was held on Sunday July 11th 1920 at 3.00pm, with the unveiling being done by Mr C.P Styring, President of the Sheffield branch of the British War Graves association.

As well as listing the names of more than 200 young men from the parish who were killed during the first world war, the programme, the programme documents the running order of the day and which readings and hymns occurred. The programme also documents who made each reading, making it possible to say who was involved in the day.

Allen Herbert
Allen Walter
Allibone Edward
Ansell James W
Anthonies Hugh
Appleyard David
Ashton Albert
Askham James
Baines Richard
Barber Albert E
Bargh Frank
Beadale Fred
Beard Maurice
Beattie William J
Bell William
Bennett Ernest
Bennett Leonard
Biggin James W
Bill Horace
Bishop William P
Booth Harry
Booth Herbert 
Bostock George
Braybrook James R
Brown Frank
Brown Herbert
Buchanan Henry
Burnet John W
Burnett John R
Butcher Charles W
Butler Charles
Carter Harold G
Castleton George
Chapman John L
Chapman Thomas H
Clarke William H
Cleaver Frederick C
Clethro Fred
Coe Henry
Constable Harry
Cook Charles
Cousins John
Cox Samuel
Crossland Ezra
Crossland Joe
Crossland Lawrence
Crossley Charles
Crossley Herbert
Crum William
Culf Albert
Curtis Harry
Dale Charles W
Dawson John E
Dodworth Charles G
Dungworth George
Dunkerley Harold D
Eeagers Frederick
Else Harry
Elsom John F
Elsom William E
Fareham George 
Farmer John E
Fellows George A
Fenwick Albert 
Fenwick John T
Fisher Charles H
Fletcher Frank W
Flint Herbert 
Flint James 
Foster Ernest L
Foster Frank C
Foster George 
Foster Harold 
Froggatt William 
Fuller Henry 
Gamble Arthur 
Glossop Richard 
Glover Albert 
Glover Arthur 
Goodison Fred 
Gould Joseph 
Gould Willie 
Green Charles W
Green Henry 
Gregory William 
Grundy George 
Hague Albert 
Hague Arthur 
Hall Ernest 
Hall Thomas E
Hammond Harry 
Hardwick George A
Hardwick Leonard 
Harrison Albert 
Harrison Alfred 
Harrop William H
Hartley Fred 
Hartley William 
Hefford Charles 
Hetherington George 
Hill Charles 
Hinchliffe Ernest 
Hinchliffe James 
Hogg William 
Holland Edgar 
Hollis William 
Hopkinson George C
Housley Charles 
Howarth Alfred 
Hoyland Thomas 
Hudson George 
Humphreys George W
Hynes Michael 
Ingleston Sydney 
Jackson George 
James Walter 
Jenkinson Frank 
Johnson Hugh 
Johnson Joseph 
Jubb Harry 
Kelsey Edwin E
Kelsey Henry 
Kendrick John W
Kendrick William H
Kent Alonzo 
Kenyon John A
Kershaw William 
Kirk Albert 
Kirk Norman
Kirk William 
Kniveton James W
Lakin John 
Lamb Joseph W
Lindley Harry 
Machin Albert E
Maloney James W
Maloney John 
Mann Clifford L
Marples John 
Marsden Joseph 
Matthews George 
May Harry 
Medley Charles W
Melson John Raithby
Melson Robert 
Merrill Ernest P
Middleton Horace 
Middleton Wilfred 
Mitchell Charles 
Moore Charles E
Moore Fred 
Moses Frederick S
Mullins John 
Murphey Bernard 
Mussen Arthur W
Needham Robert C
Needham William H
Nichols Harry 
Norris Fred 
Oates John 
Oldroyd Herbert 
Parkes Edward 
Pearson Albert 
Pheasey Reuban G
Philbey George 
Pigott Frederick 
Pigott Joseph 
Pinder John 
Platts Arnold 
Platts Harry 
Powell Albert 
Pridmore Albert 
Pridmore Arthur 
Pridmore George H
Pridmore John T
Pryor Willis 
Pulford Harry 
Raynes Walter 
Rhodes John W
Rhodes William H
Roberts Arthur 
Rose Jean
Ryan John 
Sedgewick Thomas E
Sharp Joseph V
Shaw Albert 
Shaw Fred 
Shaw John 
Shaw Thomas H
Shearam John 
Shepherd George 
Short Lawrence 
Simpson Robert 
Smith Albert 
Smith George 
Smith Sydney 
Smith Walter 
Sorby Joseph 
Sorby Thomas 
Southwell Arthur 
Southwell George 
Staniland Frank 
Staniland George 
Stevenson Frank 
Styring Frank R
Swinden William 
Taylor Thomas H
Thackray Frank 
Thompson Arthur 
Thompson George 
Thompson Maurice 
Thornton James W
Thornton Walter C
Thorpe Nathaniel 
Thorpe William 
Titterton Arthur 
Torr William H
Turton Harry 
Twigg Arthur 
Twigg Harry 
Wales William 
Walker Harry 
Wall Arthur 
Walton Albert 
Ward Clifford 
Ward Joseph H
Wardle Walter 
Webb Joseph 
Webster Herbert 
Wheatley Horace 
Whitcut Harry M
Whittington Ernest 
Wigfield James A
Wild Ernest 
Wilson Frank 
Wilson Harry 
Woodhead William H
Wragg Herbert 
Wright Albert V
Youle Robert 






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